Quick, efficient and did an amazing job cleaning up! ”- Shirley O.


Cory, the trimming crew & Ben the stump grinder all did excellent, very professional work and care. ”- March M.

Tree Pruning

Trees, in their natural state, are beautiful. In the landscape we strive to maximize the genetic potential of trees. Our goal in pruning is to produce healthy, structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing trees. We believe that a tree must be representative of its species and should be cared for as the individual species dictates, i.e., a Weeping Willow has different pruning requirements than does an American Elm. In addition, we must also consider the economic priorities of our customers as we care for their trees.

We adhere to industry endorsed and accepted standards for tree care and safety. We want you to understand and appreciate the differences in pruning methodology, so that your trees will be at their best.

Standard pruning should accomplish any or all of the following:

  • Removal of dead wood, diseased wood and mistletoe
  • Re-cutting of broken or stubbed limbs
  • Correct conflicting or crossing limbs where tree structure will not be negatively impacted
  • Weight reduction of limb ends to minimize chances of breakage
  • Light filtration to provide sufficient light to plantings beneath the canopy
  • Provide for air filtration through the canopy to reduce incidences of breakage due to wind resistance
  • Control or reduction of insect and disease problems
  • Crown reduction, restructuring and/or shaping
  • Accomplishing a particular effect or function, such as topiary or pollarding

Has a tree limb fallen on a service line? Please call your Electric Service Provider and follow the directions listed HERE.

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