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NEW: Complementary Lawn Health Evaluations and Treatment Proposals now offered by our Lawn Healthcare Specialist.

SEASONS Lawn Bio-Fertilization Program

Urban life is tough on our lawns. Poor soil health, soil compaction, plant diseases, and regular landscape maintenance practices can take a big toll on your lawn. Our one-of-a-kind, customized SEASONS Organic Bio-fertilization Program can significantly boost your soil quality and health, PLUS strengthen your lawn, improve its looks, and extend its lifespan.

The SEASONS Lawn Program Schedule

With true sustainability in mind, our Organic SEASONS Lawn Program includes a minimum of 8 treatments per year, applied 30-45 days apart. Treatments are applied to your lawn and landscape beds. Our organic treatments are applied both to the foliage of plants and the soil with our liquid bio-fertilizer, plus broadcasting of our dry organic granular bio-fertilizer. This special combination of treatments builds a healthy bio-active soil for your entire lawn and landscape.


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SEASONS Liquid Bio-fertilizer is available in select areas only. Call for more details.

What is Bio-fertilization?

Bio-fertilization is the process that Mother Nature uses to fertilize plants in their natural habitat, without the use of harsh chemical fertilizers. By digesting and decomposing organic matter, microbes living in the soil make nutrients available to your lawn. Our Organic SEASONS LAWN Bio-fertilization Program stimulates and boosts microbes and this beneficial symbiotic relationship.

Our Organic SEASONS Granular Bio-fertilizer Products are custom blends of the highest quality ingredients available on the market. Our proprietary Organic SEASONS Liquid Bio-Fertilizer is a one-of-a-kind product that we produce in-house, right here in DFW. Our ongoing laboratory research enables us to ensure you’re getting the most potent and microbe-rich applications to your lawn.


Because we use only OMRI and/or NOP organic listed ingredients in our Preservation Tree Bio-fertilizers, our products are Child and Pet Friendly. Lawns can be used immediately after our bio-fertilizer treatments are applied.


It is our goal to make your lawn healthy enough on its own, through ongoing soil improvement, that weed control efforts won’t be necessary long-term.

Year-round spot weed control, as well as annual pre-emergent, is automatically included as part of the SEASONS Lawn Program. We work to eradicate any existing weed issues upfront. However, you can opt-out of weed control, or choose organic-only spot control options.


After we complete our initial lawn evaluation, we’ll also include recommendations to treat existing plant-eating insects and plant-diseases in your lawn. Once you’re on the SEASONS Lawn program, all plant-eating insects and plant diseases* will be treated, moving forward, at no additional charge.

*A Take-All Patch (Take-All Root Rot, TARR) diagnosis in your lawn will require additional treatments. We will discuss with you at the time of your lawn evaluation.

SEASONS Lawn Program Learn More About our Organic SEASONS Lawn Bio-Fertilization Program - (download - .pdf)

AERA-vator Service

Our heavy clay soils can be tough on lawns. Did you know that most common problems with lawns and lawngrasses stem from heavy soil compaction? Many things can cause additional compaction, such as foot traffic, vehicle traffic, leaf blowers, heavy rains, and more. Focusing on soil health and relieving soil compaction can help prevent and reduce damage to your lawn. Our AERA-vator service is an effective way to reduce compaction.

Learn more about our AERA-vator Program by clicking on our fact-sheet.

AERA-vator Service for Lawns Preservation Tree AERA-vator service fact sheet - (download - .pdf)