This was the best thinning and trimming yet. I have recommended your company to several friends and 2 have used your services. Thank you! ”- Carolyn B.


The guys did a terrific job on the front trees. They look great! I was especially impressed by how thoroughly they cleaned up the debris from the yard and the street. Job well done! ”- Teresa H.


The SEASONS Tree program at Preservation Tree Services promotes tree health and longevity in a natural manner that not only encourages vigorous plant growth but also arms your trees with biological defenses to ward off insects and instill disease resistance. Our SEASONS bio-fertilization program is customized to the particular needs of your trees. It also brings our staff to your property on a regular basis, so potential problems are identified before they intensify or worsen.

In tune with the seasons…

Our SEASONS Tree plan includes five visits per year. It always includes one annual arborist inspection.

SEASONS is a scientific and environmentally-conscious approach to year-round tree care that utilizes organic and low-impact methods. Our annual program delivers services and applications timed to take advantage of your trees’ natural cycles and seasonal patterns of growth, dormancy and re-growth.

SEASONS Tree Program: 5 Visits per year

We'll feed the soil around the root zone of your trees in Spring through Fall. Plus, a certified arborist will make an annual property visit to inspect all your trees for any health or structural concerns, and make recommendations.

  • Annual Arborist Inspection
    A certified arborist will visit your property once per year to do a full evaluation of your trees.
  • Spring through Fall Applications: This program includes four applications of our SEASONS Liquid Bio-fertilizer solution by means of sub-surface root injections. Our liquid bio-fertilizer includes the full range of Soil Food Web micro-organisms, essential micro nutrients including over 75 different vitamins and minerals, plus critical high carbon-based soil conditioning products.
  • Our SEASONS Liquid Bio-fertilizer enhances soil health and provides components for vigorous root development. It increases tolerance to many stress factors including disease, drought, insects and frost damage.

Boost your tree's health...

Boost Your Tree's Health With These SEASONS Upgrades:

  • Soil Aeration and compost top dressing improves airflow around tree roots, reduces soil compaction and improves the function of your tree's root system. Compost top dressing fills the aeration holes and works to change the soil's ideal profile. This is the quickest way to develop sustainable soils that need very little attention over time. Other aeration methods using an airspade and backfilling with other products are often needed and recommended at the arborist's direction.
  • Additional Property Reviews: We offer additional arborist inspections and consultations.

SEASONS Liquid Bio-fertilizer is available in select areas only. Call for more details.

Learn more about our SEASONS Program by checking out our FAQ Sheet.

SEASONS Tree Program Learn how our SEASONS Organic Bio-Fertilization program grows healthy, strong trees. - (download - .pdf)