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Soil Aeration

Properly aerated soil is an essential factor for the functioning of a tree’s root system.

In nature, the topsoil layer is composed of fallen leaves, which through their decay, provide a light mulch over the root zones. In our urban landscapes, this leaf layer is usually removed and after many seasons of watering, the soil layer becomes compacted. This results in poor gaseous exchange between the roots and the atmosphere, poor water absorption, drainage problems and a general degradation of the soil environment where beneficial soil organisms live and thrive. These organisms play a major role in the tree’s ability to absorb soil-borne nutrients and every care should be taken to enhance their ecosystem.

Preservation Tree Services can provide soil aeration services which will correct soil compaction around a tree’s root zone. Our technicians will remove 12-inch deep plugs of soil throughout the root zone of the tree and replace the compacted soil with a compound containing pea gravel, dried molasses, perlite, worm castings, lava sand and compost. These organic amendments provide a route whereby air and water easily reach the feeder roots. The amendments also create a beneficial environment for organisms like bacteria and earthworms which play an important role in the uptake of nutrients from the soil.

Aerated soil is more resistant to fluctuations and extremes in temperature. During our hot summers this plays an important part in the tree’s overall good health. Compacted soil heats up quickly and reaches higher temperatures. Higher soil temperatures increase evaporation rates resulting in less moisture reaching the roots. A six to eight inch layer of coarsely shredded bark mulch maintains lower soil temperatures, slows evaporation and reduces the need for watering.

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