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Urban Forestry Services

Preserving and growing healthy and profitable urban forest resources.

Urban Forestry – What is it? Who benefits?

Urban Forestry is the systematic management and care of all naturally occurring and planted trees, as well as associated plants that exist where we live, work, and play. It is the planned and purposeful management of trees within our cities and towns such that society may benefit from their multiple environmental and social benefits. Urban Forestry services become very important when new construction projects are being planned or existing properties are being rennovated.

Preserving and growing healthy and profitable urban forest resources.

Our Urban Forestry services include:

Tree Inventory – A partial or full collection of tree inventory data including tree location, tree species type, tree size, condition, and management needs.

Tree Resource Assessment – An analysis report of tree inventory data to summarize qualitative and quantitative tree data to facilitate the prioritization of resource management decisions.

Management Plan Development – A detailed report aligning management goals of the property owner and property-specific resource management recommendations. This may include recommendations for an entire property ownership, a site-specific plan or a management plan related to a specific project on a property. Management plans could provide recommendations on general tree maintenance, tree protection, tree health, urban forestry program administration, and tree planting.

Tree Risk Assessment Evaluation – Evaluating an individual tree or multiple trees on a property or site to develop a rating for the level of risk trees might represent to people or property. Candidates for risk assessment are often identified during a tree inventory but no existing inventory is required.

Urban Forestry Management/Planning Consultation – Consultation services for enhanced management of the urban forest resource. An assessment of current management practices and recommendations towards client-specific goals. UF Consultation can assist the management planning of an entire property or be more specifically tailored to the goals of a specific project such as development or construction projects.