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Urban Forestry: Improving Life through Trees!

What is urban forestry? Understanding how trees improve our lives and how we can document and care for city trees is known as urban forestry. An urban environment filled with healthy trees has better air quality, more beautiful green space, habitat for wildlife and so much more.

Care for Your Trees in Stage 3 Water Restrictions

Depending on where you live in North Texas, you may only be allowed to water your landscape twice a week or only twice every other week. But no matter where you live, there are things you can do to keep your trees as healthy as possible.

The Dallas Urban Forest

The City of Dallas encourages the growth of the urban forest by supplying trees and guidance to the citizens of Dallas through the Dallas Reforestation Fund.

Has Your Tree Grown Too Big For Your Space? Learn how ‘œReduction Pruning’ can help.

By Micah Pace, Urban Forestry Specialist, Certified Arborist – TX 3752A Professional arborists use many pruning techniques to maintain and care for your valuable urban trees. Normally, efforts are designed to maximize the growth of our trees and therefore maximize the value they represent on our properties and within our communities. However, the management needs…

Cabling & Bracing: Strengthen Your Trees for Storms

Did you lose a tree, or perhaps some large branches, in this spring's storms? All over town, soil heaving and poor pruning have caused trees to uproot and fall over or lose large limbs. If you have a large established tree that may have some hazard branches, or an established tree with codominant trunks, then you might need to consider a cabling and bracing system.

Come See Us at Earth Day Texas April 24th-26th!

Eco-friendly Tree Care: Good for your family and the planet! Supporting our community and sharing information about responsible, Eco-friendly tree care is our passion. This weekend during Earth Day Texas you can visit with us one-on-one to find out the best ways to care for your valuable trees. Visit us April 24th-26th from 10am to 6pm in booth 2824 and 2826 to speak with one of our Certified Arborists about the most up-to-date information on tree care.

What is destroying your pipes or sidewalk? Could be your tree’s roots.

Is your sidewalk or driveway cracking? Perhaps you’ve started having some plumbing problems that you can’t explain. If you have a large established tree in your landscape that is situated close to your home or hardscape, aggressive tree roots could be the source of your problems.

Preservation Tree Services Celebrates 20 Years Serving Dallas-Fort Worth

It all began with a passion for trees...

Recycle Your Fresh Christmas Trees

We've listed area locations to recycle your fresh Christmas tree! If you made the choice to decorate with a fresh live Christmas tree this year, you’ll want to make sure you can recycle it once the holiday season comes to a close.

Could your trees be the victim of herbicide damage?

Have you noticed your tree, or trees, going into an unreasonable state of decline or seem to be stunted? Do you notice leaf curling or leaves that look cupped? Perhaps leaves are discolored or have brown dead spots? Your trees could be victims of herbicide damage. Even if you keep an organic landscape, your neighbors may not.