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Summer: Time to Prune Your Oak Trees

Ever wonder why we avoid pruning oak trees in spring? Spring is prime time for oak wilt disease to infect your trees; pruning oak trees in spring significantly increases chances they'll become infected. With the heavy population of oak trees across Dallas and Fort Worth, the last thing we want to do is add to this growing problem. So, we typically stop pruning oaks in early February and wait until July to start back up.

Monterrey Oaks: Shade solution that is less susceptible to oak wilt!

Who doesn’t love an oak tree? Take a glance around the Dallas/Fort Worth area and you’ll be hard pressed not to see a live oak in your sightline. Problem is everyone plants live oaks. And while live oaks are beautiful and useful shade trees, we’ve created what could be considered an oak mono-culture. We also tend to plant a lot of red oaks, creating the same lack of diversity.

Is Ivy Growing Up My Tree a Bad Thing?

We are often asked “Will ivy growing up the trunk of my established tree harm it?” Yes and no. Generally, ivy will not harm a healthy, established tree. However, ivy growing around the base of a tree and up its trunk could be competing with nutrients, sunlight and water that the tree needs. This could cause the tree to weaken and become more prone to pests and disease.

Fall Oak Wilt Treatment

Oak Wilt is an especially insidious disease that is easily transmitted and can kill a tree in a single growing season. It affects mostly Live Oak and Red Oak trees. Caused by the spores of a fungus, it is carried from tree to tree by small beetles that feed on tree bark. It can also be introduced to a healthy tree by using unsterilized tools that were previously used on an infected tree. A rapid yellowing of the outer leaves near the top in mid-late spring is an indicator of this disease.

Pruning in the Parks of Highland Park

The Town of Highland Park has an abundance of parks and green spaces, mostly dotted with very mature trees. Preservation Tree brings their skill set to each one of them, following a well-crafted tree management plan.

Is this Oak Wilt Disease or Normal Leaf Drop?

Now is the time of year arborists are on the lookout for Oak Wilt disease. This destructive disease can kill a large established oak tree in a single season! However, normal leaf drop in live oaks this time of year can often be confused with oak wilt disease.

Five Common Tree Pruning & Trimming Mistakes

We know it can be tempting to take care of much needed tree pruning on your own. Often, we just hire the guy down the street that's "handy with a chainsaw". Who doesn't want to save some money? Problem is, poor "cheap" pruning can permanently ruin the look of your valuable trees and often leave them susceptible to storm damage, disease and ultimate decline. Here are five of our top common pruning and trimming mistakes we see on trees around the DFW area.

City of Plano Identifies Large Hazard Tree

Sometimes it is necessary to remove a tree when it is providing more harm than benefit, as was the case with this very large, co-dominate trunked tree in Plano.

Prevent Fire Blight Now!

It’s that time of year again when devastating diseases like fire blight rear their ugly heads. Fire blight can quickly kill your blooming pear trees if you aren’t proactive. With our mild winter and wet weather, this is the prime environment for fire blight to make an appearance.

Time to Prune Oak Trees

Now is the time to schedule us for oak tree pruning!!Wonder why you've had to wait all spring for us to prune oaks? Here at Preservation Tree, we take great care to make sure we do not prune oak trees during peak transmission season. Spring is the time when oak trees have the highest chance of contracting oak wilt disease; pruning in spring leaves them very vulnerable to this disease.