I’m happy to have found such a qualified arborist after all this time! ”- Benita W.


I have great respect for the work that Preservation Tree does. I know that their professional Arborists are working to give our oak trees the best care possible. ”- Clare M.

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Lawns: Can They be Good for the Environment?

In urban environments, heat, runoff, and air pollution are all big concerns. Lawngrasses help mitigate all of these important problems.

Winter Lawn Weeds

Winter weeds can become a big eyesore in your spring lawn and garden.

How to be a Good Lawn Care Partner

When we work together as lawn care partners, the result is a lush lawn.

Is Soil Compaction Killing Your Lawn?

When soil is compacted, important microbes cannot survive and thrive to break down organic matter into the nutrients that your lawn and plants need.