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Canopy Thinning, End-Limb Weight Reduction, and Winter Storm Preparedness

Micah Pace, M.S.Urban Forestry SpecialistISA Certified ArboristTree Risk Assessment Qualified Urban Forestry SpecialistISA Certified ArboristTree Risk Assessment Qualified In native stands, trees grow much more densely than they do in our planted urban and suburban properties. As a result of mutual shading, most trees in native stands grow taller and thinner with few (if any)…

Storm damage to your trees? Don’t touch that power line!

Wow! With yesterday’s heavy rain and the recent windy days we’ve had, spring storm season is officially here! When trees are improperly pruned or haven’t been pruned for years, the danger of dead limbs or overgrown branches falling onto your home, car or even a loved one is always present.

Reversion of Grafted Trees

Ever planted a Japanese maple or fruit tree that started out as on variety…only to turn into another variety with completely different foliage or flower? Many trees and landscape plants are grafted. That means one variety with desirable foliage or fruiting characteristics is attached to the root stock of another variety that is perhaps more disease resistant or more tolerant of heavy soils.

Tree Hazard: Sudden Branch Drop

Have branches suddenly been dropping from your large trees for no apparent reason? We’re seeing “sudden branch drop” emerge as a growing concern for homeowners in the Dallas & Fort Worth areas.

Healing the Trees Affected by the Ice Storm of 2013

Remember that big ice storm last December? How could you forget! Many of our urban trees were severely damaged, including this gorgeous red oak.

Preservation Tree partners with Commit! to Dallas

Preservation Tree Service is proud to have partnered with COMMIT! to Dallas recently in order to help improve the Sudie L. Williams Elementary School campus. Our efforts aided in making safety and aesthetic improvements to the trees surrounding the school grounds.

Oak Wilt: When Should You Prune Your Oak Trees?

Wonder why tree pros often try to discourage you from pruning oak trees in spring in Texas? We’re trying to stem the spread of Oak Wilt.

5 Common DIY Tree Pruning Mistakes

Tree pruning is an art form. Do it right and the result is strong, attractive trees that beautify your property and city. Do it wrong, and the result can be pretty unattractive. Not to mention, you may just need to kiss your valuable tree goodbuy. Yes, pruning techniques matter that much.

Spring Tree Check-Up

Spring has sprung! You might be wondering how some of your trees are faring after the very cold winter and intense ice storms we experienced this past season.

Tree Removal: Why Making the Right Cut Matters

While highly trained expert tree crews might make tree removals look easy - they require a high level of expertise and safety training. An inexperienced crew taking down a large tree could mean disaster.