Thank you for the excellent trimming service. Your crew was just great. They did the job we wanted and cleaned up as if they had never been on the property, except that the trees look better with their eyebrows plucked. ”- Kim C.


Thank you for all the services! Scott Dahlberg is truly wonderful–so helpful and SO nice!! ”- Cindy K.

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Fall is Planting Time in Texas

Fall is an excellent time to take advantage of the season and plant a new tree. Your arborist will have wonderful suggestions and all the experience to take you from planning to planting to enjoying the new addition to your landscape.

Spring Pest Alert: Forest Tent Caterpillars

Warm season pests are making their way into our trees. Forest Tent Caterpillars aren't the most damaging pest you'll see this season, but if you don't control them they can cause serious harm.

The Heat is On! How to reduce heat stress in your urban trees.

As the temperatures start to rise, we're looking out for various problems that occur when conditions are favorable. Certain diseases are thriving right now. Which ones? Read on to find out.