I’m happy to have found such a qualified arborist after all this time! ”- Benita W.


The crew did an outstanding job! TY so much for doing great work & taking such good care of our trees & Home. We will wholeheartedly recommend you to all our friends. ”- Belinda M.

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Speaking for the Trees and Best Park Tree Management Practices

In addition to taking care of trees in residential and commercial settings, the experts at Preservation Tree also provide professional services to municipalities across the North Texas area for their park systems' trees.

Introducing Arboriculture to High School Students

The future of tree care depends on engaging the next generation and sparking an interest in the profession of arboriculture.

The Dallas Urban Forest

The City of Dallas encourages the growth of the urban forest by supplying trees and guidance to the citizens of Dallas through the Dallas Reforestation Fund.

What do DFW tree ordinances mean for your home and business?

Cities are putting regulations in place to protect trees already planted, plus encouraging homeowners and businesses to plant more trees in the future.

Congratulations to Preservation Tree, the Consulting Group on their First Award!

Their comprehensive report on the State of the Urban Denton Forest won the Bronze Leaf Urban Forestry Award by the Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council

Get to Know our Staff: Meet Micah Pace, our Urban Forester

Micah is the Urban Forestry Specialist and a certified arborist here at Preservation Tree Services (PTS) in Dallas. He possesses a wealth of urban forestry and arboricultural knowledge and experience. Micah served as the Dallas Regional Urban Forester with the Texas Forest Service from 2009 through 2013. He also spent 5 years with the State of Florida Forest Service as the South Florida Cooperative Forestry Assistance Coordinator prior to moving to Dallas.

Has Your Tree Grown Too Big For Your Space? Learn how ‘œReduction Pruning’ can help.

By Micah Pace, Urban Forestry Specialist, Certified Arborist – TX 3752A Professional arborists use many pruning techniques to maintain and care for your valuable urban trees. Normally, efforts are designed to maximize the growth of our trees and therefore maximize the value they represent on our properties and within our communities. However, the management needs…

Diversity Recommendations for the Urban Forest

For decades, researchers, educators, urban foresters, arborists, and tree managers have agreed on the importance of species diversity within the urban forest. Details on why diversity is necessary for urban tree health.