Please recognize Eric & his team for a superior job done & thank you for the training you provide to your teams to ensure that customer satisfaction comes first. I love Preservation Tree & intend to have a partnership for a long time. ”- Mary B.


Thanks for the great job your crew did not trimming the Crepe Myrtle’s. There was the potential that this trim could look like butchered job, however it does not. The trees look good and still have a natural appearance. ”- Joseph O.

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Where did the Rain go?? Summer Watering Tips for Lawns & Trees

The quick onset of hot dry conditions can take a toll on your normally lush trees and lawns. While we aren’t under severe drought conditions as in previous years, it’s still important to provide supplemental water when rainfall is sparse.

Are Your Trees Thirsty?

When was the last time you watered your trees? If you can't remember, then now is the time to start.

Tree Hazard: Sudden Branch Drop

Have branches suddenly been dropping from your large trees for no apparent reason? We’re seeing “sudden branch drop” emerge as a growing concern for homeowners in the Dallas & Fort Worth areas.

Trees Stressed Out From Summer Heat & Drought? What You Should do Now.

Despite the fact that we had heavy rainfall this spring, you might notice some of your trees looking a bit lackluster. Sometimes too much of a good thing can cause problems. In this case, the heavy spring rains caused oversaturated soils and soil heaving,; they also depleted soils of nutrients, leaving many trees hungry.

Drip Irrigation Keeps Trees Looking and Feeling their Best

The sudden intense summer heat has taken many of us by surprise, given our extended cool rainy spring. It seemed like the rain and flooding would never end, and we wouldn’t have t water our trees all summer. But oh how quickly things change here in the Dallas & Fort Worth area. The rain has completely stopped and temperatures have heated up above 100 F degrees. All of a sudden, plants are becoming a bit stressed for water.

How Too Much Mulch Can Kill Your Tree

Mulching your landscape beds and trees is a great way to conserve moisture in the soil and moderate soil temperature. You’ll find that if you don’t mulch your landscape before the onset of summer, plants typically struggle to make it through the heat. Mulch also has many other great benefits.

Care for Your Trees in Stage 3 Water Restrictions

Depending on where you live in North Texas, you may only be allowed to water your landscape twice a week or only twice every other week. But no matter where you live, there are things you can do to keep your trees as healthy as possible.

Traveling this summer? Don’t Forget to Water!

Summer is the time for travel and fun. It’s also one of the most treacherous times of the year for our trees as drought continues to be a serious problem.