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Ask an Arborist: Ants in my trees

Q: Ants are all over my tree. Should I be worried?

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A: My recommendation is to prune to maintain clearance from nearby structures as a deterrent.

According to entomologists, there are hundreds of different species of ants, and they can be classified into two groups by their food needs. Sugar ants love sugar, honey and all things sweet. Grease ants love oily, fatty and greasy food. Ants coexist within our landscape and find the trees a perfect home, as do raccoons, squirrels, and birds, to name a few. Although ants do not feed on your tree directly, they can use the limbs to access your house. Ants can also be present when other tree pest infestations occur, such as aphids. My recommendation is to prune branches to maintain clearance from structures as a deterrent. If treatment is required, you should consult a licensed pest professional.

-Chad Simmons, ISA Certified Arborist

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Chad Simmons

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