Crew did a great job and I’m very pleased with the job they did. They cleaned up so well and were very professional. ”- Jerry H.


Israel and his crew are so professional and courteous. I am very impressed. Also, I am the “North Dallas President of the Ken Smith Fan Club.” ”- Sue R.

Ask an Arborist: Pruning in Winter?

Q: How do the arborists and crews know where to prune when all the leaves have dropped off the trees?

Dormancy Provides Growth Analysis Opportunities

A: Certain species are easily identified during dormancy, i.e. Red Oak Others, such as Pecan, are not as easy.

Deadwood in trees can be as small as a pencil or considered the whole tree. The type of pruning work we perform on a tree blends the client’s request and my professional observation, to identify and mitigate damage risk. Dead limbs will often drop down with gravity. The bark flakes off and exposes older tissue. So there are ways for us to spot deadwood, even in winter. When in doubt, I prefer to direct the pruning crew myself as every tree is different.

– Chad Simmons, ISA Certified Arborist TX – 3676A


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