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Ask an Arborist: Do Weed-Eaters and Lawn Mowers Hurt Trees?

Q: Weed eaters aren’t really going to harm my trees if I get a little bit close to them, right?

Pts Much Volcano Mulch

Avoid the Mulch Volcano! This is NOT the correct way to mulch your trees!!


A: I would advise you to be careful!

There could actually be some real harm done to your trees, especially if their bark tissue is repeatedly being cut by the weed eater or lawn mower. If the wires, blades or edges of your equipment cut through the bark of your trees, damage to your tree’s vascular tissue can occur. The damage done will interrupt the flow of water and nutrients to the canopy of your trees, adversely affecting their overall health and vigor.

There are devises (tree bark protectors) that can be placed at the bases of your trees, while you are working around them, to protect their trunks from equipment damage. Make sure to remove them once the work is done. You should be able to find this type of devise at your preferred garden center.

You could also consider laying a thin layer of hardwood or pecan shell mulch around the bases of your trees to help keep grass and weeds from growing near their trunks. This would help eliminate the need for using weed eaters or mowers near their trunks. Please, PLEASE make sure not to pile the mulch up against the base of your trees’ trunks (see our blog on proper mulching techniques).


Scott Dahlberg, ISA Certified Arborist


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Scott Dahlberg, ISA Certified Arborist

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