Getth and the boys did a great job. Our trees look so much better and their clean up afterwards was amazing. Thank you. ”- Barbara D.


Outstanding as usual. ”- Robert W.

Articles in category " Tree Pruning "

Ask an Arborist: Why Should a Leaning Tree Concern You?

ISA Certified Arborist Getth Nelson tackles this question for one of our customers.

Crane Training Takes Safety Lessons to New Heights

Take care when you use lawn equipment near trees so you don't damage the tree's vascular system.

It’s a Safe Day at Preservation Tree!

By Susan R. Landers, ISA Certified Arborist We-7005a, TCIA CTSP 1189 Here at Preservation Tree Services we keep a close eye on safety: yours and ours! We like to think of safety as our first piece of PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment. But before our crews put on their physical safety gear (PPE), there are…

PTS Promotes Education at Home and Abroad

For decades, researchers, educators, urban foresters, arborists, and tree managers have agreed on the importance of species diversity within the urban forest.

Meet Micah Pace, Urban Forester

The pros and cons of the Bradford Pear in the landscape.