Our Magnolia continues to put on lots of new leaves. It looks very Healthy. Drive by sometime and take a look. I think you should be proud of the work you did to save/restore this tree to health. God Bless ”- Danny N.


Thanks to Margarita and Jamie for getting everything in line so that my tree work was done! The guys really worked all day! They worked neatly and efficiently! Thank you!!! ”- Barbara N.

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Giving Back to the Tree Care Industry

Certified Arborists at Preservation Tree Services Educate & Train others in the Tree Care Industry

Not Your Everyday Tree Removal: Part 1

Proper pruning can bring your tree to a manageable size.

Not Your Everyday Tree Removal: Part 2

We asked Getth Nelson, ISA Certified Arborist in the Fort Worth office of Preservation Tree Services, if he had any favorite deciduous trees. Here’s what told us...

TCIA Certification: The Voice of Tree Care

What happens when large, established trees are in failing health? Call in the pros.

ISA Certification: International Society of Arboriculture

Safety is part of our DNA at Preservation Tree. We conduct safety meetings for crew and arborists throughout the year and are proud of our safety record in the field.

TEXO Construction Association: Working together to protect trees

The DFW area is booming with growth, meaning there is a lot of construction going on around town. As we’ve talked about before here and here, construction is a key cause of damage and death to many of our valuable trees. We work with builders and property owners to help mitigate the damage done to…