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Certified Arborist, Getth Nelson’s favorite deciduous tree: Cedar Elm

Getth Nelson is an ISA Certified Arborist in the Fort Worth office of Preservation Tree Services. We asked him what his favorite deciduous tree was. He said cedar elm.

“My favorite deciduous tree is so difficult to choose. All trees have pros and cons. If I had to choose one, it’d be the Cedar Elm. Many people dislike Cedar Elms due to the mess they can make and their tendency to get mistletoe. However, I see them differently. I consider them to courteous trees, in the sense that they grow around neighboring trees as opposed to growing right through them. When pruned properly, they have some of the most unique limb structures of any tree.

They grow moderately fast so they are a great tree for planting in the city. They can tolerate most soils which makes them a safe bet when recommending a tree for a customer. They have few pest issues, and can withstand years of drought and neglect. They display early fall color and are usually the first trees to drop their leaves. All things considered, the Cedar Elm is a great shade tree for this area. That is why I consider it, my favorite!”

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