The crew did an excellent job today, they went above and beyond what Scott asked of them. They let me pinpoint a few things to handle and did a great job for me. ”- Richard H.


Just wanted you to know how pleased we are with the tree service. Dan spent the entire afternoon watching them work from his window. Thanks again! ”- Susie S.

Our SEASONS Program Keeps Your Trees Healthy & Strong!

When was the last time your trees were fertilized? While we generally feed our lawn and garden plants on a regular schedule, our trees often miss out on crucial feeding times. You might think your large established trees find all the food they need from the soil. However, urban life is tough on our trees and they often need a helping hand.

Just like our lawn, vegetable plants, perennials and shrubs, we must provide some extra fertilizer to our trees in spring and fall. In some cases, there might be a need for additional specialized fertilization or nutrient injections if a tree is in distress.

Why is it so important to feed your trees?

Trees that are fertilized regularly as part of their overall maintenance plan are better able to withstand storm damage and infestations of pests and diseases. Not fertilizing your trees could cause a potential danger to your property and family.

Our organic SEASONS program promotes tree health by improving plant growth, but also arming your trees with biological defenses to ward off insects and instill disease resistance. Our SEASONS program is customized to the particular needs of your landscape.


Here is how we feed your trees through the seasons:

Spring Season: Root zone injection of SEASONS Liquid Compost with Mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria and other essential micro-organisms for a healthy soil, is applied by sub-surface soil injection to enhance soil health and provide components for vigorous leaf and shoot development.

Spring Through Summer Season: Foliar Application and Soil Drench with SEASONS Liquid Compost Extract provides nutrients taken up by the foliage and assists in the colonization of leaves and twigs with beneficial organisms to offer resistance to disease and insect pests.

Fall Season: Root zone injection of SEASONS Liquid Compost Extract with Mycorrhizal fungi and other healthy soil micro-organisms, is applied by sub-surface soil injection to enhance soil health and provide components for vigorous root development.

Winter Season: An environmentally-compatible Horticultural Oil application to Trees and Shrubs for the control of mites, scale and other small insect pests which feed on plant sap and overwinter in the cracks and crevices of the twigs and branches:

Treat your trees right this year! Learn more about our organic SEASONS program and to schedule an appointment to have your trees evaluated for their own unique maintenance plan.

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