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PTS Promotes Education at Home and Abroad

Urban Forestry Specialist, Preservation Tree Micah Pace

Preservation Tree Services continues to offer tree owners throughout the DFW metroplex unparalleled professional tree care management services. One way we do this is through the education of existing and future clients. Our Urban Forestry Specialist and Certified Arborist, Micah Pace spent the month of November fulfilling our educational mission.

  • On November 6th, Micah presented at the annual Texas Parks and Recreation Society Conference at the Fort Worth Convention Center.
  • November 13-15 Micah had a wonderful opportunity to carry Preservation Tree’s message of professional tree management internationally when he presented to the Asociación Mexicana de Arboricultura (AMA), or the Mexican Arborists Association, at their 5th Annual Arboriculture and Urban Forestry Conference in Monterrey, Mexico in the state of Nuevo Leon.
  • Finally, Micah was an invited speaker at the 2015 West Texas Urban Forestry Council’s Sun Country Landscape and Urban Forestry Conference in El Paso, Texas on Thursday and Friday November 19th and 20th.

Presentation topics included: Construction’s impact on our Trees, Solutions for your Community, Introduction to Arboriculture, Tree Selection, Planting, and Establishment, and Professional Tree Inventories & Assessments.

Micah’s bilingual skills served him well as he provided presentations in Spanish in Mexico and El Paso. Micah also served as one of three international judges for the annual Mexican Arborist Pruning Competition. The pruning competition is between teams of 3 to 5 members, which must demonstrate a collective knowledge of their equipment, including use of climbing knots, Work Site Safety and Rescue, and the Planning, Communication, and Implementation of a defined Scope of Work (SOW) for each team’s respective tree.


20151113 102726

Micah Arrives at Monterrey International Airport, where AMA staff were waiting to welcome him.

20151113 152622

Micah Pace, Urban Forestry Specialist, presenting on Professional Urban Forest Inventories and Assessments on Friday November 13th at the University of Monterrey in Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

th20151114 082409

4th Professional Pruning Competition

20151113 182528

Micah (far right) receives plaque for his participation as International Judge forAMA’s 4th Professional Pruning Competition

20151120 115917

West Texas Urban Forestry Council’s Sun Country Landscape and Urban Forestry Conference


Beautiful skies in El Paso!

Preservation Tree Services is proud to staff some of the most qualified and professional tree experts in North Texas. We are grateful to have the opportunity to raise awareness for better tree care in our communities. Our goal is to partner with residential and commercial land owners/managers to advance tree care in Dallas-Fort Worth. Education is an important first step to achieving this goal. Call Preservation Tree today to schedule a site visit with one of our professional arborists and allow us to add value to your next project.


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