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Strong Spring Storms Demand Strong Trees

by Micah Pace, Registered Consulting Arborist #607, ISA Certified Arborist #TX-3752

Spring is upon us in North Texas. That means strong storms and unpredictable weather.  Are your trees spring-ready?  Preservation Tree Services helps protect your trees through property reviews by expert certified arborists. These reviews help identify existing structural concerns with your trees, and provide priority management recommendations to proactively protect and care for all your trees.

 Inside Edge On Old Storm Damaged Branch

Inside edge where pruning cut was made on an old storm-damaged branch illustrating the amount of internal decay around the branch.

Storm damage in trees is a common occurrence in North Texas. The image shown here is from a large Cottonwood tree that we recently pruned to reduce risk during upcoming spring storms. The tree had received storm damage over many years, but no corrective pruning was ever conducted.

While storms are inevitable, ignoring damage that may result is not recommended. As you can see from the image, the internal decay inside this large 10-inch diameter limb that was over 20 feet up in the canopy, was quite severe. Having such a large limb with internal decay of this degree, at this height, could have serious consequences should failure occur during one of the many spring storms that is certain to come this season.

Outside Edge On Old Storm Damaged Branch

Outside edge where pruning cut was made on old storm-damaged branch. Very little sound wood remained in this limb that extended over a busy walkway. Limbs with previous storm damage that have not been inspected or correctly pruned may have heightened risk of failure during strong storms.

Preservation Tree Services has the expertise and knowledge to help protect your trees and property. Call us to set up your property review today and feel safe knowing your trees are in hands of Dallas-Fort Worth’s premier tree care company.



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