I just want to complement your FW crew! They were the best! Each individual went out of their way to make this one of the best experiences I have ever had for tree care. I look forward to working with them again the the future! ”- Elizabeth K.


Thank You! Great job! ”- Amanda G.

When Tree Limbs & Power Lines Meet

Property Owners Must Call the Electric Service Provider FIRST

When tree limbs grow too close to power lines, or fall on them, Preservation Tree is not permitted to prune the limbs.

You will first need to contact your Electric Service Provider at the number on your current bill. They will contact Oncor.

If your tree limbs are less than 10-feet away from the primary pole-to-pole electric wires, less than 7-feet away from open secondary wires, or have fallen on any pole-to-pole wires, only Oncor Vegetation Management Contractors are permitted to prune the tree limbs. The designated Vegetation Management Contractor (i.e. Wright Tree Service) will contact you.

What is a Make Ready Prune?

Once you, as the property owner, have called your Electric Service Provider, they have contacted Oncor, and Oncor has then turned the request over to a designated Vegetation Management Contractor, you will be contacted directly about a “Make Ready Prune”. With a Make Ready Prune, the contractor will prune the limbs to the regulation distance away from the power lines, or remove the entire tree, then leave all debris on your property. Oncor does not charge the customer for this service. As the property owner, you will be responsible for all debris removal from your property.

When the contractors finish, you can then call Preservation Tree Services to complete the remainder of your tree care.

NOTE: Oncor contractors do not prune tree limbs near the pole-to-house service drop: Preservation Tree Services can prune these limbs. However, a temporary disconnect / reconnect may be required to ensure crew safety.

Property Owner Responsibilities:

When you contact your ELECTRIC SERVICE PROVIDER, here is what you should request:

  • “I need a make ready prune on the tree(s) located in my yard, between the poles with the electric lines on them, so that it’s cleared away from the wires and we can finish our work on that tree(s)”
  • You will receive a call back from an Oncor representative who will verify the request and communicate that ALL of the pruning debris will be left on your property for you to dispose of properly and at your own cost.
  • Your request will subsequently be assigned to the designated Vegetation Management Contractor.
  • Then, you will receive a call…please be prepared to meet with the Oncor Vegetation Management Contractor on your property to discuss:


  1. Which tree(s) requires a make ready prune.
  2. Oncor Vegetation Management Contractor will then assess any other pruning or removal work that your tree(s) would require, and that would need to be performed by your arborist of choice, at your own cost.
  • You will schedule the work with the Oncor Vegetation Management Contractor.
  • Sign the removal / brush responsibility permit they provide.

Call Preservation Tree to Complete Remaining Tree Care

Once the Oncor Vegetation Management Contractor has completed their work, Preservation Tree crews can then complete any remaining pruning, removals or debris removal you require.

If you’re unsure about the condition of your tree, or proximity to power lines, you may hire Preservation Tree to provide a paid professional consultation on-site before you call your Electric Service Provider.


  • When Tree Limbs & Power Lines Meet(download)

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