How fortunate that you guys swarmed my trees well in advance of The Storm. No doubt, I benefited from your hard work. I had only leaf litter to rake up, while other trees in the neighborhood fell victim to the power of the wind. ”- Lisa B.


I want to compliment Chad for being a great representative of your company. I enjoy meeting w/him about my trees and love that we always learn something new. This helps me appreciate and personally take better care of them. ”- Robin R.

Identification Guide: Diseases

Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is a deadly disease often found in North Texas.

Tabukia Leaf Spot

Tabukia leaf spot can overwinter on your tree's foliage.

Fireblight Disease

Fireblight disease is caused by bacteria and it can quickly spread.

Drippy oak or Drippy Acorns Disease

Drippy oak or drippy acorn disease can affect Live Oak trees that have been impacted by insect pests.

Dog Vomit Slime Mold

Dog vomit slime mold is a disturbing sight when it appears on your trees.

Brown Patch, a Fungal Disease

At the top of the list of fungal diseases we deal with on a regular basis is Rhizoctonia, aka Brown Patch.   During the moderate-to-cool temperatures of spring and fall, Brown Patch becomes active and attacks the grass blades of mainly St. Augustine turf.  It can and does attack Zoysia grass as well, but never Bermuda. …