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Oak Wilt

Oak Wilt is an especially insidious disease that is easily transmitted and can kill a tree in a single growing season. It affects mostly Live Oak and Red Oak trees. Caused by the spores of a fungus, it is carried from tree to tree by small beetles that feed on tree bark. It can also be introduced to a healthy tree by using unsterilized tools that were previously used on an infected tree.

A rapid yellowing of the outer leaves near the top in mid to late spring is an indicator of this disease. The yellowing will spread throughout the entire canopy, with the tree quickly dropping its leaves. Diagnosis by a certified arborist or tree pathologist is critical, as successful treatment depends on early diagnosis of all affected trees within an area. It does little good to treat only one tree.

Spring is the time of year when Oak Wilt infection dramatically increases. Pruning of Oaks in spring should only be done with extreme caution and special measures to prevent tree infection. A qualified arborist will prune with as little damage as possible. The spread of Oak Wilt disease is minimized by the pruning technician using a special mixture to seal wounds, and by sterilizing his tools with alcohol before moving between trees. Your specific location will also determine how your arborists does or doesn’t prune your Oak trees in spring.

We use a specialized injection treatment that has proven to be the most effective and environmentally responsible method for treating and preventing oak wilt. Don’t wait until you see symptoms of oak wilt disease. Prevention is always the best approach!

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