The trees look Great! Well done! ”- David S.


Always timely and excellent work ethic. ”- Mary Ellen V.

Protect your roof by caring for your trees.

As we drive around the city, we see so many trees that either have never been pruned, or have been pruned by someone who didn’t know what they were doing. Considering the extreme weather we experience here in DFW, caring for your trees and having them pruned by an expert should be pretty close to the top of your home maintenance list.

Large branches, and even entire trees, can topple onto your home with just the right gust of wind when the tree is weak. Hazard branches and trees are not always easy to spot by the untrained eye. There could be hidden wounds, infections or growth problems that can turn a seemingly healthy tree into a hazard overnight.

Often, we hear that pruning large trees is just “too expensive”. Well, we can assure you that repairing your roof, car or other property structure (plus removing the branches or tree) will be a lot more expensive than good tree care and pruning. Prevention is always the best medicine, right?

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