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Redbud Tree

Looking for a tree to plant under a power line? Or, perhaps you need a plant larger than a shrub that offers a burst of color in early spring when the rest of the garden is still asleep? The Redbud tree grows to just 15- to 20-feet, keeping them clear of power lines. If it does grow past its average height, it doesn’t take much pruning to keep it in check. It is also one of the first specimens to bloom in early spring or late winter, when its electric pink-purple flowers can be seen across the Metroplex. Deep green foliage follows the blooms, and come fall they turn a golden hue.


Scale Matters

Smaller urban landscapes that might be overwhelmed by a large shade tree, would benefit from a tree such as the Redbud. When planted properly, its roots won’t likely interfere with the foundation, sidewalks, or driveways. Be sure it still has room to mature into it’s natural form, so that it looks its best.

Native species of redbud will require only moderate water through the hottest of summer once established. Plant Redbuds in full sun to light shade.



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