Scott was great! ”- John H.


I am thankful to have all of you to look after my beloved trees. It was such a blessing to have professional help so quickly on a Saturday and like always, it was like the “Tree Fairy” had been here-they cleaned up without a trace! ”- Elaine B.

Saucer Magnolia

Saucer Magnolia trees are best known for their rose and white colored blooms that burst forth in early spring. Blooms are five to ten inches across and have the appearance of a saucer. These beautiful, deciduous trees grow to 20–30-feet tall and 25-feet wide at maturity in a rounded shape. They grow best with at least six hours of direct sun. Plant in well draining soil. Though Saucer Magnolia is somewhat drought tolerant, it will perform best with regular moisture through the summer months, especially until it is well established.

SaucermagnoliaSaucer Magnolia Fr KgsSaucer Magnolia Fr SidSaucer Magnoliar Sid Close Up Of Blooms

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