Want to let you know how pleased I am with your crew’s work. David was attentive to my request & the crew accomplished a thoroughly professional job. I commend you for running a first rate business. I will be a repeat customer. ”- John M


Thank you for treating our trees. We appreciate you for your good care for our trees. ”- Nancy P.

Willow Oak

Willow Oaks, Quercus phellos, are not often seen growing in the North Texas area. So it was a rare find and a nice surprise when we came across six of these trees while visiting a customer.

Willow oaks are deciduous oaks that can grow to 100 feet tall, but are typically a bit smaller in urban landscapes. They have long, narrow, fine-textured leaves.


Willow Oaks Quercus Phellos 1 CopyWillow Oaks 2 CopyWillow Oaks Closeup Copy

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