We could not be happier! ”- Margaret H.


It was great working with Getth Nelson. All the trees were taken care of (about 30). Thank you! ”- Carlos F.

Yaupon Holly

One of the loveliest shrubs to plant now is the Yaupon Holly Ilex vomitoria. With its rounded, leathery, deep-green leaves and long beads of bright red berries, it’s the essential winter plant for wildlife! And while we don’t recommend you eating its berries, the birds will love you for having them in your landscape during the cooler months.

This Texas native is an evergreen favorite because it endures a wide variety of soil conditions, is drought tolerant once established and grows in partial shade to full sun. Without enough sunlight, however, its dense growth habit can become spindly. Yaupon hollies can grow to 20’ tall and 15’ wide. In spring, there are inconspicuous white flowers that are followed by the abundance of red berries in fall through winter.

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