The guys did a fantastic job with the tree removals. I couldn’t believe how clean the area was & it was like the 2 huge trees were never there! Thank you to the crew, Michael & Daniel for making sure everything went smoothly. ”- Jubilee P.


The crew was just wonderful. I was amazed watching them jump around in the trees. They are just fabulous. ”- Mary S.

Expert care continues for Highland Park’s Historical Monarch Pecan Tree

Our efforts continue to take care of a community treasure, the 150+ year-old Monarch Pecan tree in Highland Park. Here, the crew is performing crown reduction and risk reduction pruning on the gentle giant. Certified Arborist Micah Pace keeps tabs on the tree, to monitor its condition as an unusually harsh North Texas winter transitions into spring. Our crew expertly maneuvers through the tree branches, many of them cabled for added support.

Read on for a glimpse into this tree’s fascinating history.

Multi-climbers-in-Monarch-Pecan Long-shot-from-street.Monarch-Pecan Crown-cleaning-and-weight-reduction-pruning

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