Good Work! Really Appreciate it! ”- Thomas H.


Scott & Kelly: I just want to thank you both so much for fitting [us] in your schedule yesterday. I went by there this morning and the guys did a wonderful job. ”- Keith J.

First Aid & CPR Training for Crew, Staff & Arborists

As part of our ongoing training and education efforts, Preservation Tree recently held a workshop on first aid and CPR for crew, staff and arborists. Classroom space at Texas Discovery Gardens was utilized for the half-day program which covered, among other topics, monitoring vital signs, assessing heat-related illness, CPR and treating puncture wounds. Our company’s Safety and Training Coordinator, Daniel Cottier, organized the event that offered instruction in both Spanish and English. Participants earned certificates and in the process, our company increased our health and safety quotient. A great day for all!

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