I had a tree blow down across my driveway and was unable to get out. I called and Michael came right out. Thank you so much for the quick response. I will continue to recommend you to others. I love Preservation Tree! ”- Anneke V.


Thank you so much. The crew did a great job. They were so nice and accommodating. Really appreciate your services. ”- Helen S.

Highland Park Monarch Pecan Removal

In the summer of 2019, Highland Park made the difficult decision to remove the beloved Monarch Pecan Tree, a more than 150-year-old landmark at Armstrong Parkway and Preston Road. The tree had been in decline for quite some time, and despite deep root feedings and expert tree care by our crews (beginning in 2017), the decline was too severe.

In October of 2019, our crews took on the task of safely removing the icon.

Read on for a glimpse into this tree’s fascinating history.

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