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Preservation Tree Proves Instrumental in Planting Project at TI

For those who appreciate the gentle presence of trees, the loss of a tree, especially a large one, is felt deeply. This is true whether the site is a residential backyard or an entry to the 250-acre corporate campus of a technology giant.

Certified Arborist Laura McLarry provided her expertise to manage the planting of a large Live Oak tree where a former tree stood at Texas Instruments’ Dallas headquarters. Due to the misapplication of an herbicide to the former tree’s root sprouts by another service company, the tree died and resulted in the tree’s removal from its planter.

First on the task list, Laura oversaw the grinding of the massive stump left behind. She also coordinated the use of a backhoe to prepare the planting site. Installation of a new irrigation system, specific to this one tree, was completed prior to the planting. The new tree arrived on a trailer at the appointed time and with experienced hands, the tree was set upright and positioned for planting. Once set, the crew added a 2-3 inch layer of mulch to aid in soil temperature regulation and optimum water retention.

With the planting now complete, Laura will periodically check on the tree’s progress as it gets used to its new environment and subsequently oversee root stimulation applications during this first year of establishment.

tree-upright-1.TI tree-on-trailer-TI preparing-hole-1.TI Positioning-tree-in-planting-well-TI Planting-1-completed-TI

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