My thanks to Daniel & his crew for a job well done! ”- Richard M.


Thanks to you and your crew, they were very polite and knowledgeable. ”- Rebecca F

Representing at our Industry’s Annual International Conference

Ohio’s capital city of Columbus was the host of this year’s annual conference of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), drawing the best and brightest from our industry to gain valuable information about the professional care and management of trees. Networking opportunities, workshops, equipment demonstrations, educational courses and visits to the trade show booths filled the days and nights.

Preservation Tree’s own Micah Pace, Registered Consulting Arborist and current President of the ISA Texas Chapter, attended the conference and is now bringing back a wealth of information and knowledge to staff and crew, further enhancing our mission to provide the very best care to the beautiful trees of North Texas.

Trees-dot-the-riverfront-in-Columbus Night-Columbus..vertical Micah-Pace-headshot.horiz Downtown-Columbus-vista Downtown-Columbus

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