Thanks for coming out and educating us about our trees. Our arborist was very good and he talked about all the trees that need to be done and we appreciate that so much. Thank you for helping us. ”- Marilyn S.


Good Work! Really Appreciate it! ”- Thomas H.

Root and root flare excavation frees Sycamore from choking mass of construction debris

We encountered snails, garter snakes, concrete, PVC irrigation pipe and general construction debris during the excavation. The before, during and after photos tell the story. Roots were hand dug and the Air-Spade was also carefully employed around the root zone. ISA Certified Arborist Laura McLarry will be overseeing the Sycamore’s planned healthcare applications scheduled to take place over the next few months that will include soil injections of natural humic and amino acids, vitamins and beneficial soil bacteria. These applications are designed to stimulate root growth and enhance the tree’s uptake functions.

Snails-on-the-move Garter-snake-family-was-relocated Concrete-chunks-hand-dug Berm-pile-contents-come-to-light Before-berm-in-place-caution-tape Before-across-street-with-truck-face After-tree-looks-straighter After-across-street-view-of-bermless-tree_170830_084843

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