Great crew that clearly had years of experience. ”- Matti M.


Umberto, Omar & Ramon courteously listened to & competently responded to every detail mentioned. I was impressed & pleased with their climbing & pruning skills & with the unexpected thoroughness of their final cleanup. ”- Mike B.

The Deep Freeze of February 2021

The winter storm of February 2021 was one for the record books! Extreme low temperatures and the duration below freezing left many trees & plants exhibiting freeze damage around DFW. Leaves that are normally green all winter quickly turned brown & curled, once temperatures warmed & the snow & ice melted. Our arborists snapped many of these shots in the own landscapes.

Many of these plants should recover from the damage as spring pushes out new buds & growth, but some plants and lawn grasses may not recover. Some trees and shrubs may have suffered damage that won’t be noticeable until later in the growing season…. or possibly even over the next few years. If you’re concerned about your trees, be sure to contact us to schedule an arborist evaluation.

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