All the trees look Great. The Live Oak was never a pretty tree, more like a bush, but it looks 10 times better now. Thumbs up for a good job! I really appreciate all you have done during this process. Thanks again. ”- Phillip S.


Our crew was the best!!! Mr. Cruz was the foreman and did a great job! ”- Norman B.

Hammerhead Flatworm is No Friend to Your Landscape

Our ISA certified arborist, Kenneth Smith, caught this hammerhead flatworm on video during a recent site visit to a client’s home. These creatures are a chief predator of the friendly, hard-working earthworm, which they are able to liquefy and digest.

Not only do earthworms do a gargantuan job of aerating soil they also contribute their castings to our eco-friendly soil health enhancing fertilization mix, created in our Dallas location.

The predatory worm, also known as a land planarian, is native to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Scientists suspect the invasive worm made its way to the United States on plant or soil shipments. They grow to be 20″ long and are nocturnal creatures that prefer moist environments.

The creepiest part about land planarians is that they regenerate through small pieces, so simply cutting or smashing does not kill them. Spraying them with a heavy mixture of orange oil is the best way to eliminate them from your landscape and keep your earthworm population thriving.

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