Umberto, Omar & Ramon courteously listened to & competently responded to every detail mentioned. I was impressed & pleased with their climbing & pruning skills & with the unexpected thoroughness of their final cleanup. ”- Mike B.


Always a great and professional job! ”- Howard P.

Why Choose Preservation Tree?

Preservation Tree Services was founded on the principle that plants, like animals, have a genetic makeup and physiology that dictate their
responses to the environment. Often, trees and other landscape plants are expected to conform to ideas and schedules that are not compatible with nature’s plan. These demands can contribute to the loss of valuable plants.

We help you work with nature to achieve the best possible results for your trees in an urban environment.

We'll also help you improve your soil and growing environment so your trees can thrive and serve their intended purpose.

  • We believe that your trees are an investment in the future.
  • We are an “earth-wise” company, focused on low-impact and organic treatments.
  • We take pride in the services we perform.
  • We offer a well-educated and well-trained staff.
  • We are professionally affiliated.
  • We offer comprehensive services to keep your trees healthy.
  • We are insured for your protection.
  • We work in compliance with nationally accepted safety standards.

We'll also be completely honest with you: If your tree does not need pruning or other treatments at the time of our visit, we'll tell you. However, if your tree is a hazard and needs to be removed, we can also work with you to get that taken care of too. We know that trees are an important part of your home environment and the last thing anyone wants is to lose a large, established tree. Our goal is always to help you preserve your valuable assets.