I was so pleased with all the work done at our house. It was a really good experience. Thank you for your excellent service. ”- Anita E.


Wouldn’t trust anyone else with my trees! ”- Margaret S.

How Preservation Tree is Healing Trees at the Dallas Baptist University Campus

Earlier this year, we we started a tree recovery project at the Dallas Baptist University. Trees around the campus were showing severe chlorosis as well as other health problems. Left untreated, many of these trees probably would not have survived. The University called in our experts to help rehabilitate and heal the trees. Using special injections of micro-nutrients and disease treatments into the vascular system of the trees through their root flares, we’ve seen excellent results. 16-months after we began treatment, the trees are returning to their former healthy state. The difference is pretty amazing, as you can see in the photos below.

Our staff is kept up-to-date on the latest Arborjet treatments.

Before and after nutrient injections.

Tree injections that deliver necessary nutrients, anti-fungal products and other treatments directly into a tree’s vascular system can heal a sick tree much more quickly than topical methods. Injections can also be a much more Eco-friendly option, as no products are sprayed into the surrounding environment.

We’ll continue to follow the journey back to health for these trees and update you on their improving health. If you find your trees to look yellowed, bare, weakened or in general poor health, please call us for a professional consultation. Waiting to start necessary treatments could result in the loss of your valuable tree and potentially property damage along with it.

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